Indian Stir Fried vegetables

Note: These recipes use NZ measurements. 1 c = 1 cup = 250 ml. 1 T = 1 tablespoon = 15 ml. 1 D = 2 teaspoons. 1 t = 1 teaspoon = 5ml. If you're in America, you may find you need a little extra baking powder in recipes that use it.

1 t black mustard seeds
1 t cumin seeds
ginger/garlic/onion as preferred
chopped vegetables
2 t ground coriander
1 t ground cumin
salt chili (red) optional
1/2 t turmeric
1 T oil

Heat oil in a wok. Add mustard seeds (allow to pop)
Add grated ginger, garlic, diced onion and brown lightly. Add chopped veges.
Add ground coriander, cumin, salt, chilli, turmeric, and a tiny bit of sugar.
Allow to cook to taste. You can add a little bit of water if necessary.
Chopped tomatoes may be added for a different flavour.

Source: Rita V