Sultana cake

Note: These recipes use NZ measurements. 1 c = 1 cup = 250 ml. 1 T = 1 tablespoon = 15 ml. 1 D = 2 teaspoons. 1 t = 1 teaspoon = 5ml. If you're in America, you may find you need a little extra baking powder in recipes that use it.

1 lb sultanas
8oz butter
3 eggs
12oz sugar
12oz flour
1 t baking powder
1 t lemon essence

Place sultanas in a saucepan, cover with water and boil for 5 minutes. Pour water off and put butter into hot fruit. Leave to melt. Beat eggs and sugar. Stir into fruit and butter. Add sifted flour and baking powder and essence. Pour into tin and bake at 180C for 1 hr 10 minutes.

Source: Rally cook book, page 54